Development of a projective technique – via online peer exchange


                                        INVITATION TO ONLINE PEER EXCHANGE
                   for the further development of the projective tool I-P-S (working title)

Projective techniques have taken a back seat in the context of psychotherapy, because the evaluation process cannot correspond to commonly accepted scientific evaluation criteria. Despite this, I want to present an approach that has derived from my day-to-day work as a licensed psychotherapist in cooperation with patients. This projective tool has proved to be very helpful for both my patients and me and have led to deeper insights, emotional involvement and joy on both sides. This website presents I-P-S (Identification-Projection-Series) in its current state of development.

I-P-S is based on 40 image cards showing works of art. The viewer sorts these cards according to their subjective meaning, while also considering and reflecting on changes in the patient’s mood and physiological reactions to the images.
The image series may be used in any form of psychotherapy - independent of school of thought. They are also suited for patients with limited verbal expression abilities (conditioned by level of education, age, or illness, e.g. geriatric, migrant, or trauma patients, or patients with addictions). I-P-S may further be used in relationship counseling, coaching, and education - particularly in teaching media literacy.

If you are interested in projective processes, please send me an email with some details regarding your professional area(s). I will then send you a digital copy of the image cards (format: A6). I recommend using a high-quality color printer and printing the cards on 90g or carton paper. The resulting set of cards may then be used in I-P-S.

Please send your request to:


Please feel free to include your own comments, points of criticism, and new ideas for other suitable images.

Through this online peer exchange, I hope to further develop I-P-S as a tool from which both patient and therapist will benefit within the diagnostic and therapeutic process. I-P-S will be modifiable by all users, who can then step by step collectively improve the approach – modeled after the open source vision.


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